Aussie Heatwave Outdoor Heating Specialists Going Strong… 20 Years On!

Date Posted: 12 December 2019 

Aussie Heatwave Outdoor Heating Specialists Going Strong… 20 Years On! content pixel
It’s been nearly twenty years since Andrew and Liz of Aussie Heatwave Fireplaces first started making Australian backyards warmer.

Firstly when they introduced us to the joy of Mexican chimineas, and since then by manufacturing the Australian version, The Aussie Heatwave cast iron outdoor chimineas, made in rural Australia.

In the beginning they were the first people to introduce Australian’s to outdoor fireplaces just with Mexican clay chimineas that they discovered while touring Mexico. But unfortunately they soon discovered that the Mexican version could not handle Australian conditions or the treatment that Aussie blokes could dish out at all well. They cracked and fell apart! So as a result they set about to make a virtually indestructible version and the solid cast iron Aussie Heatwave was born. One whole piece of quality, thick, heavy Aussie iron chiminea.

Made in rural Victoria, from the best quality cast iron, The Aussie Heatwave is a premium quality single piece casting. There are no joins or welds, moving parts, air vents - and no grates either as are commonly found with inferior imported versions. “The real benefits are that they radiate much more heat over a wider area, are virtually indestructible, will last a lifetime and beyond they are totally pyromaniac proof” says Andrew. They look visually stunning in any outdoor setting & are the only chiminea that are designed for safe use on timber decks as the legs & base don’t get hot. The quality is unsurpassed & they can even come on wheels.

The best part of all is that The Aussie Heatwave also have an optional BBQ & Pizza Oven attachment, which is superb. By simply placing it on top of the chimney of any Aussie Heatwave you can easily have a fabulous wood fired BBQ/Oven. It BBQ’s, Roasts & cooks pizza’s to perfection & is guaranteed to satisfy the expectations of all BBQ lovers!  

In addition to making the Aussie Heatwave Chiminea Andrew and Liz have added to their range of outdoor heating options to include premium quality fire pits  traditional woodfired pizza ovens. 

“Given our reputation and obsession with quality we only stock the best quality items that we source from Australia first and then around the world. When you are dealing with wood fire the quality has to be there or nothing will last” Says Andrew.

The Aussie Heatwave is a “must have” item for anyone that enjoys outdoor living, be it for great cooking or just keeping warm all year round.. It’s a premium quality product that will last a lifetime & beyond, it is hassle free, delivers more heat, looks sensational in any setting and has no operational ‘rules’ as far as fire size, type of fuel, curing, or covering out of the weather etc.chimineas, made in rural Australia.

But if it’s a firepit or a traditional wood fired oven you are after check out the range at Aussie Heatwave Fireplaces at 41 John St Oakleigh or Online & they ship Australia wide. 


Chiminea on roller deck


Chiminea Grapve Vine

Chiminea Classic Desing