Cast Iron Chiminea, Outdoor Patio Heaters and Fireplaces Specifications

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What you need to know about The Aussie Heatwave* Cast Iron Chimineas

  • Australian Made - Cast Iron Chimineas
  • Virtually Indestructible - Pyromaniac Proof
  • 20 Year Guarantee and will last over 100 years
  • Top Quality Aussie Cast Iron
  • One Piece Construction - 20mm thick
  • Hotter Cleaner Burn Than Clay Chimineas
  • Safe on Timber Decks
  • Optional BBQ & Pizza Oven Attachments

The Aussie Heatwave* cast iron chiminea is without doubt the finest outdoor fireplace available in the world. It is cast in one single piece of cast iron by our foundry in Victoria. As the Aussie Heatwave outdoor heaters are cast in one piece, this being a difficult shape to cast, there are no welds, bolts, base plates, joins, air-vents or moving parts. There is no assembly required and no parts to fall off unlike the ugly ducklings from China with bolts, grates, vents, doors, paint etc. all of which fail in a short time. It's made from top quality Aussie cast iron. The iron isn't bulked up with sand and fillers as is the Asian practice which results in poor quality castings and brittle cast iron that is highly corrosive.

The Aussie Heatwave outdoor heaters are the benchmark for quality, performance and aesthetics in outdoor fireplaces. They are also the only Chiminea designed for use on timber decks. The legs and base stay completely cool and they don't spit or spark.

The Aussie Heatwave* looks visually stunning in any setting. As a patio heater, it compliments any outdoor decor with its rustic simplicity and its beautiful lines and proportions. People are always impressed when they see its virtually smoke free operation and when they discover that it rarely ever needs the ash cleaning out as it all burns away to nothing on the sand base. The Aussie Heatwave comes finished in a special catalytic finishing process that on the first and subsequent uses develops its own unique patinas of reds, yellows and browns. Just like an ancient canon or bollard at a pier, it turns a lovely brown colour and doesn't rust any further!

The older it is and the more it's used the better it looks.

The Aussie Heatwave* outdoor heaters are fast becoming a new Aussie icon as outdoor patio heaters and outdoor fireplaces. They are being bought both by people who have enjoyed the concept of Mexican chimineas and have worn them out and now are prepared to pay for a lifetime, hassle free option as well as by customers that can immediately recognise the value in the additional investment to get a lifetime product that delivers more heat, better looks and has no operational rules as far as fire size, type of fuel, curing, or covering out of the weather etc.

Cast Iron Chiminea & Cast Iron Outdoor Fireplaces Specifications

Product Specs Dimensions
Height on stand 1200 mm (50 inches)
Height off stand 1000 mm (40 inches)
Width including Lift Rings 630 mm (25 inches)  
Depth at widest point    
  530 mm (21 Inch)  
Weight (excluding stand & lid) 100 kg (220lbs)  
Finish / Colour Catalytic finish  
Black Wrought Iron 4 leg stand
(comes standard with all Chimineas)
6 kg (13lbs)  
Black Wrought Iron Rain Lid 1.5kg (3lbs)  
Black Wrought Iron BBQ Grill 8.5kg (18lbs)
W 350mm x L 510mm
Black Wrought Iron BBQ Hood 4.4kg (9lbs)
W 330mm x L 490mm