Chiminea vs Fire Pit... What's Best?

Chiminea vs Fire Pit... What's Best? content pixel

The answer is … that depends....

Chimineas have been on this planet for hundreds of years having been first crafted as far back as the Inca times.

You may well ask why is it they have stood the test of time?

The answer is simple ... chimineas were a clay vessel that was relatively easy to make which increased the efficiency of a fire. The Incas discovered that you needed less wood, had less smoke, and gave out more heat than burning wood in an open fireplace or fire pit and they produced very little ash.

Chimineas were originally made from clay which was readily available and the fire when burnt inside actually cured the clay. Needless to say they did not last long but that did not matter ... just make another.

So back the burning question ... which one is better?

That depends on one thing only really, if you want to be able to see the whole fire and be able to sit around the fire the firepit is for you. BUT be prepared for smoke following you around, ash to be cleaned out and rain filling them up. If you don’t mind this go for a fire pit.

One more consideration is what surface will either one be placed on? If it is a timber deck the firepit has to treated with extreme caution as they get very hot underneath. Some chiminea designs on the other hand do not, due to their insulating sand base and stand designs. In addition chimineas are an enclosed fire so unlikely to spit or spark or have ash fly out.

Summing up.....

Chimineas: Virtually smoke free, use less wood, no ash, safe on timber decks, enclosed fire, safer around children and excellent for cooking. Better for metro areas.

Firepits: 360 degree viewing of fire, appealing visually, creates a pleasing look when not in use. Good for large areas away from houses, great for country properties.