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Our Story. Chimineas. Cast Iron Chimineas.

The People that introduced Australians to the joy of Mexican Outdoor Fireplaces, commonly known as "Chimineas".

Liz & Andrew stumbled across Chimineas in their travels in Mexico in 1998 and immediately fell in love with the idea of being able to enjoy the warmth, atmosphere and ambiance of an open fire in their courtyard without the mess and smoke associated with other types of outdoor fires.

Recognising the potential for such a unique concept Liz and Andrew flew off to Mexico to track down the source of quality, authentic Chimineas.They discovered, the hard way, that all chimineas are not created equal and to get authentic, quality Chimineas made from the correct traditional material is not easy.

Having built their business on quality Mexican chimineas which they still import and sell as many as they can get, they found that Aussies being what they are wanted an outdoor fire place that was indestructible even in the hands of the most enthusiastic "pyromaniac".

"You see, there are a lot of Aussie blokes who grew up with the old 44 gallon drum or washing machine barrel as an outdoor heater.

It's a national pastime to see what its capable of! With any clay chiminea you can overdo it. Even with our premium quality genuine Mexican Clay Chimineas, you have to be sensible or you can damage them or at least reduce there life expectancy," Liz said.

That's why we've developed "The Aussie Heatwave" Cast Iron Chiminea . Made in Rurual Austraia  "Its utterly Australian and virtually indestructible & comes with a 10yr guarantee"

In 2010, we expanded our range of outdoor fireplaces to include a variety of premium quality firepits, & Pizza Ovens.  While our favorite still remains the Chiminea we are proud to offer our customers a range of premium quality alternatives.

Please benefit from our 20 + years of experience with wood fired outdoor heating and cooking and our overall passion for fire, wood fired cooking & alfresco entertaining.